How Much Is Dinner At The Lost Kitchen

Dinner at The Lost Kitchen in 2023: How Much Will It Cost

Dining at the Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine is a coveted experience that captures the imagination of all who dream of it. But what is the cost of dinner at the Lost Kitchen in 2023?

The current price for dinner is $250 per person (excluding tax, gratuity, and beverages) for approximately five hours of dining. The price does not include drinks or tips. Each night, the menu undergoes a transformation as Chef Erin French carefully selects ingredients from the market to create a unique dining experience.

Securing a reservation at the Lost Kitchen can be more challenging than discovering the price. The limited number of seats and seasonal availability of the restaurant result in longer waiting periods than usual. Nevertheless, the extraordinary popularity of Chef Erin and her exceptional dishes make the wait well worthwhile, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Erin and her staff personally curate the guest list from the postcards sent by interested individuals, which means some may have to wait for years to savor the dining experience.

Exploring the Lost Kitchen in Freedom

Maine In 2013, Chef Erin French introduced this restaurant with a distinctive reservation system. Nestled within an old mill in the quaint town of Freedom, the eatery not only delights diners but also supports local farmers and foragers by sourcing ingredients from their harvest. As with the menu, which changes nightly, the Lost Kitchen embraces freshness and creativity.

Even before the inception of the Lost Kitchen, Erin French gained fame through her cookbooks. Her culinary expertise and the restaurant’s unique reservation system have become defining features of its popularity. Besides the renowned White Barn Inn in Kennebunk, the Lost Kitchen has earned a place as one of the finest restaurants in Maine.

This intimate restaurant, with seating for 48 guests, opens its doors four nights a week during the warmer seasons. Upon entering, patrons are enveloped in an atmosphere reminiscent of an exclusive club, with tables adorned by candlelight, an open kitchen, and the rustic elegance of the mill’s old beams and posts.

Customers have the opportunity to observe Erin’s culinary artistry from the countertop as she prepares each dish. She graciously visits the tables, exuding a warm and welcoming demeanor. The ambiance is both inviting and cozy.

Every year, the restaurant shares an official newsletter providing details about the season ahead. Following its release, thousands of postcards flood in for reservations. Chef Erin and her team meticulously choose the guest list for each night and personally contact them, providing a reservation ticket number.

Often, individuals find themselves on the waiting list for an extended period of time. For those unable to secure a reservation, the best alternative is to acquire one of Erin French’s cookbooks and attempt her recipes in the comfort of their own homes.

In addition to supporting local farmers, the Lost Kitchen is dedicated to noble causes such as hunger relief programs. Donation requests are included in the reservation ticket price, conveying a simple message to all: “If you can afford to spend $250 for dinner, you can contribute a little more for a worthy cause.”

Address: 22 Mill St, Freedom, ME 04941


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The Lost Kitchen Maine Menus And Prices

The dining experience at The Lost Kitchen is not dictated by a static menu. Chef Erin asserts that variety is the spice of life, ensuring that no two evenings at her establishment ever share the same culinary delights. Each day, she and her dedicated team handpick the finest ingredients, herbs, and accompaniments, creatively curating a unique menu for each night.

The fine dining experience here comes with a premium price tag. A single person’s dinner expense stands at $250, excluding beverages and gratuity. Patrons are also required to purchase a reservation ticket to secure their spot at the table, with the total cost being determined post-dining.

Where Can You Find The Lost Kitchen?

The Lost Kitchen, the brainchild of Chef Erin French, is nestled within an aged mill in the quaint town of Freedom, Maine. The appeal of this restaurant transcends state boundaries, drawing in clientele from far and wide. Individuals across states and even from different countries submit postcards to Chef Erin, vying for a reservation.

A Unique Reservation System at The Lost Kitchen

The Lost Kitchen boasts a one-of-a-kind reservation process. Chef Erin considers the postcard reservation requests to be a more intimate and personal approach to table booking compared to traditional phone or online reservations.

With the onset of warmer weather each year, the restaurant releases a newsletter via their official website inviting reservation requests. Within a span of just 24 hours, they receive a deluge of postcards, each bearing heartfelt pleas for dinner reservations. Every postcard is meticulously reviewed by Chef Erin and her team as they handpick the guest lists for each evening, leading some eager diners to wait years for a table.

In the words of the chef, every postcard symbolizes the hopes and aspirations of a unique individual, a sentiment that prevents her from discarding any of them. Upon selection, each guest receives a phone call, affirming their reservation and providing a ticket number. A follow-up welcome letter offering detailed instructions is subsequently dispatched.

This letter encapsulates all relevant details such as menu specifics, pricing, wine selection, dress code, parking information, and more. The prix fixe menu is positioned as a supportive measure, bolstering both the restaurant staff and the local farmers who supply the fresh produce.

Is The Lost Kitchen Currently Serving?

The Lost Kitchen operates seasonally, remaining closed during the colder months. With the return of warmer weather, the restaurant springs back to life, signified by the publication of a newsletter calling for reservations.

What’s the Cost Per Person at The Lost Kitchen?

Fine dining at The Lost Kitchen is undeniably a lavish affair. Currently, the dinner expense stands at $250 per person, excluding beverages and tips.

The restaurant occasionally appeals for charitable donations in conjunction with dinner reservations. It’s a gentle reminder that those who can afford the luxuries of fine dining can also spare a few extra dollars towards supporting worthy causes.

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